Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach

Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach
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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Isn't She Lovely?

I've been really busy lately, but I've spread myself too thin on multiple projects so I can't seem to get ONE finished to show off. I thought about showing you pictures of all the rooms currently in a state of disarray, but I think of things like that at 7 a.m. when I'm getting ready to run out the door to work, so no pics.

Over my long weekend I celebrated the big birthday by relaxing a lot.  Which also means I spent very little time working on those multiple projects. And then it was MONDAY - Back To Work and I'm just exhausted.  I guess my body got in that vacation like mode over my long B-Day weekend and now it's protesting.  Sleep, I need Sleep....  Did You Hear It?

While I was celebrating, I had a few friends over and when I entertain I love to put out a a tray full of raw veggies or a variety of fruit or both.  And whether it's casual or a little more formal I have to bring out this LOVELY piece.  Scratch that - I always entertain casually, we're just not formal entertaining folks.

This truly lovely lazy susan was passed down to me by my in-laws when they retired and downsized and it's one of my very very very favorite serving pieces.  It's just amazingly beautiful!

There are no markings on it at all so I know nothing about it except that it's pretty old.  The glass pieces are HEAVY and they have wonderful sparkle, swirls and curves and the lazy susan tray spins like a ballerina!

Here she is, ready for a close up.  Isn't She Just Lovely? 

Had I been in Blogger Mode I would also have pics of this lovely piece full of tomatoes, carrots, sugar snap peas, bell peppers and celery, but on party night I was just concerned with getting the food ready on time instead of snapping photos.  The large bowl in the middle can be used for fruit or veggies or it works great filled with ice to keep a smaller bowl of dip chilled all evening.

If anyone can provide information on this amazing piece I would love to know more about my lovely friend.

Now I'm going to Google why a spinning tray was named Lazy Susan.

Ta Ta for now,


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Jaye @ Just Trying to Make Cents of it All! said...

That is really nice. I bet it's REALLY nice with all those veggies/fruits. And what's the deal with Lazy Susan!?

Debbie said...

It is lovely!

I'm exactly like you in that I have so much mess around here from the attention deficit organizing that I've been doing that I have nothing bloggable to share but mess.

Reflective of my life right now.

Linda said...

Everyone needs a favorite piece(s). I sure have mine. You know sometimes a vacation is just enjoying your own home and surroundings without being hurried. I work full time too, but finally my kids are grown and I don't feel so ragged. Awaiting to see more of your favs.

Dianne said...

This really is a beautiful piece. I love it. Dianne