Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach

Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach
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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mini-projects with shells, sand and candles

Long before I started on the Beachy summer decorating project around my house, I had put together a little sand/shell/citronella candle thing for the patio.  It was cute, even thought it was just in the bottom half of an old canister, but it was shallow, so the candles blew out with the slightest breeze.  I thought the solution would be a deeper glass container.

I found several at stores priced from $10 to $15, but since I already had the jute stringy stuff most of the ones I liked were wrapped with I just purchased a plain glass container and put the string on myself.,

There are were many choices available at my regular discount haunts like Marshalls and Ross but I liked this plain one.

I did need one other supply - scissors!  Which I forgot about until time to cut the string. 
The plastic bag contains my last two citronella tea candles.
I started by using a drop of hot glue to attached the jute string.

Then I just wrapped it around until I was happy with the number of layers and then glued the other end to cover where I started so it was all nice and neat.

Then I placed the candles, sand and shells inside and took it out by the pool for a photo shoot.

I think this will stay lit even when the wind blows and it is SO much more attractive, plus I only spend $4 for the glass container.  Everything else I already had around the house.

While I had out the jute string, hot glue and shells I made little tassels for these candles to complete my "to do" list on the beachy decorationg.  Just a drop of glue on each shell to attached them to the jute.

These gold candlesticks have been around my house FORVER and I love 'em, but was getting kinda tired of the gold.  So while I was working on the beachy theme I decided to give these a dry brush of toasted marshallow chalk paint leftover from my French desk.  Sweet!

Looking good with my beach mantle decor in the background

The living room has been a work in progress since we moved in and it's nearing completion!  Is that possible? 

I would have no TV in this room which I use for reading and visiting with family and friends, but I live with a MAN (and love it) so that's not happening. 
A BIG television is in the future for this room, because we need 3 large TVs in our house, of course. 
Also I keep toying with the idea of getting rid of the very very old piano, but my kids are generally opposed to that idea.

We're finally going to move forward with the side yard project - oh yippee!  Poor SuperDave (and poor me) - we got I got us sidetracked until the temps hit the triple digits.  But at least we can jump in the pool to keep us from dying of heat stroke while we are working, right?  I'll be so glad to wrap that project up that maybe it will be worth it.

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quintonwench said...

I love jute twine and I think this looks great.

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