Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach

Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach
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Friday, August 14, 2015

Summer Nights

Summer is in full swing in north Texas with all its highs and lows.  And those highs are over 100 with heat indexes of 108 or more.  We’re in a HEAT ADVISORY down here in the south people!  When August rolls around there are only two places to be, 

#1 Inside an air conditioned building OR

#2 In the pool and we are doing plenty of both.

I do love summer.  I love the days and nights floating in the pool sipping on a cold drink listening to summer tunes.  I love relaxing with a book in the shade on the patio. And I love the beach theme I use to decorate the house through our longest season - it's called Hot and Steamy.  Fortunately, my beach themed décor is my favorite so I don't mind leaving it out from May to October.

When I first started decorating throughout the house for each season, I discovered I already owned a lot of beach/summer items to use for decorating. But I will confess, I’ve picked up a few extra things the last couple of years.  This year I had some time to kill before an appointment and fortunately, or unfortunately, the store next door was Pier 1.  So I went inside, out of the heat, and as usual found many beautiful summer items.  I gave in to temptation and purchased some salad plates that reminded me of the beach. 

One set with Sandpipers

And one set with Parrots

I set my tables in the NOT formal dining room

And the breakfast room 

with summer place settings, seashells and starfish. 

They have stayed that way for the past few months unless we needed the tables to sit down with guests. With just the two of us in our empty nest, we normally don’t sit at a table to eat. We like to sit back and relax after work (and on weekends) with our feet up. So in the winter we eat by the fire and in the summer we eat a lot of meals on our patio…in the shade…with a couple of fans. When we don't feel like braving the heat we may eat sitting in the love seat recliner with a movie on the big screen.

When we are outside and it’s really hot (June to September) we take a dip in the pool frequently.  Nothing keeps you cool outside in August better than wearing a wet swimsuit and sitting in front of a fan.  When we dry out and warm up, we just get back in the water for a while.

But when we are can't stand the heat we head inside and relax under the air conditioning and dream of the beach until the summer ends.

Keep Calm and Stay Cool,


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