Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach

Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach
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Thursday, September 26, 2013

I Hit the Resale Jackpot This Week!

Is your life full? Really full? Do you always seem to be busy and yet you wonder what it is you are doing all the time to be so busy? I think I hear a few yes answers coming back to me. It's REALLY good to know I am not alone. And I'm thankful for my FULL LIFE. I truly am. My life is FULL because I have

A Home
A Job
Shopping to be done and money to pay for food and stuff
Cooking to be done and good food to cook
Laundry to be washed and more clothes than I really need
(in various sizes, I might add)

In my "spare time" I've been searching for two pieces of furniture on the cheap. The first item I've been searching for is a chair for my grown up baby girl's room. We got rid of a purple fuzzy "Jr. High" chair from her room recently. Last weekend returning from a trip to the weekend medical clinic with the same daughter, I saw a sign in my neighborhood that read "Estate Sale". That's my sign! So after dropping her at home, I stopped by to see if they had a curio cabinet, the second item on my search list. This was apparently the last day of the sale, because when I walked in they said - everything is 50% off. So I offered 40% of the original price for a sweet little arm chair and they said, take it away! And I did.

The second item on my search list was a curio cabinet to hold some dust collectors that I'm not ready to part with at this time in my life. The primary reason being that they were either gifts or bought on vacation. I needed a place to display my herd of giraffes. In my family if you tell someone you like something, they buy you lots of them, especially my sister, the bargain hunter. Since we parted with our TV cabinet purchased in the 80s I no longer have a glass display case and my giraffe collection is in a box under a bed. So of course, the same week I found the chair, I also found a curio... in the style I was looking for... at a good price. Based on the craigslist picture I intended to paint the curio, maybe gray, white or blue. But after seeing it in person, I'm unsure. I'm going to live with the gold for a while and see if I like it or not. What do you think?  Leave it gold?  Paint it?  Color suggestions?

I was so happy to discover that this vintage cabinet still had a working light, all the glass shelves and this beautiful little key which locks the curio area and also the storage area on the bottom. Seriously, this pretty little key brought me a ridiculous amount of joy!  You can see the black veining over the gold paint in this picture that has me considering leaving the curio gold and glitzy.

Unfortunately, on the ride home, one of the knobs vibrated loose from the screw that was holding it on and will never be seen by me again. Note to self - remove pulls when hauling furniture. frown

So in my future "spare time" I will be looking for a similar knob to replace the one we lost. But I'm still loving this beauty and its curvy lines.  I'm anxious to get it cleaned and filled with pretties.  

Am I the only one who gets their hands on an item that is vintage AND intact and immediately damages it or looses a vital item? Oh well, still love it! Once I get it cleaned and relocate the giraffe herd, I'll post a new picture.

Much love and laughter,


Debbie said...

I love both pieces! I would probably paint the curio, but I do agree that the finish is really pretty already. I hope you show the "afters", and I hope I don't miss it when you do.

(And yep. I lose and damage stuff the same way.)

Maureen Wyatt said...

It's always exciting to have the keys! Nice buys on both pieces.