Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach

Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Christmas Memory Tree, Plus Tips for Decorating the Tree

A lot of people have themed Christmas trees. I guess if my "big" tree has a theme it would be Memories. The ornaments on our trees have been collected by our family for over 30 years. They came from friends, family, vacations and after Christmas sales! No two are alike.

Once the tree is assembled and "fluffed" it's time to get the lights working. This usually requires a trip to Target.  Be sure to wrap the lights around the branches.  I've been contemplating buying a new tree for a few years, but I can't decide on pre-lit or no lights because I love the lights I use on my tree. Some of the bulbs are clear, some are gold and some are frosted gold like this one.  (wow! - up close the greenery the tree is made of doesn't look so good - focus on the decorations, this tree is REALLY old)

For the garland on my tree I use a wide fabric wire edged "ribbon".  I got this a long time ago on clearance after Christmas for 10% of original price! Not 10% off - 90% off!  I love the look and it fills holes nicely.

After the lights and garland are done, I add floral and evergreen picks to embellish the tree.

I wrap the garland around starting at the top and then tuck it back into the branches.

This year I also put on this lovely pearl garland from my box of magic Christmas stuff. 

For something new, this year I floated our angel on a cloud of bows.

I considered just using the bows and berries on top. My SuperDave said any consideration of NOT putting the angel up there must be discussed with him.  He likes the angel. I like her too, especially on the bow 'cloud'.

When all the picks are in the tree and the angel is smiling down on us (a few hours later), it's time for ornaments.  I start with the big ornaments because it's more difficult to find a good place for them after the tree starts filling up.  Some ornaments need to be strategically placed near a light to make them sparkle. Those also go on at the beginning.

I love the word ornaments, Hope, Peace, Joy, Merry Christmas.

I love the shell and starfish we bought on beach vacations.

The starfish wasn't an ornament when we bought it - it was just a starfish.  We couldn't find an ornament we liked so we glittered this starfish and added a string.  Note:  Hang starfish HIGH on the tree if you have cats.  Just sayin'.

I made this red bell for our first tree - 1980. 
The satin covered foam balls from our first Christmas were destroyed joyfully played with by our cat. 

There's an ornament from our trip to New York City

Another from our home state of Oklahoma!

Three moose on a chair lift from Keystone, Colorado

A seahorse (I love horses, even seahorses)

My Wonder Woman ornament 

And really isn't just a tree, it's a walk down Memory Lane

When all the ornaments are placed on the tree
(or I get tried of decorating and put the rest back in the box)
it's time to sit and enjoy all the beautiful memories of Christmas past.

I hope you enjoy YOUR beautiful tree as much as I enjoy mine!

Much Love & Laughter,


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Sandra@Beneath this Roof, Within these Walls said...

Your tree is lovely, especially the angel on a cloud. It is exactly what every Christmas tree should be, a walk down memory lane!

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

Beautiful decor, Laura! I love using ornaments that we've collected over the years. It does make for a nice walk down memory lane each year.

Penny Phillips said...

Beautiful tree...and what memories! Hugs, Penny

Maureen Wyatt said...

The angel on the cloud of bows is gorgeous! It's wonderful that you have all those ornaments with happy memories attached to them.

the cape on the corner said...

aww, i know exactly what you mean with a walk down memory lane! thanks for leaving the link, so i could see your many trees! happy holidays!