Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach

Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach
How I'd spend every day if I weren't redecorating, cooking, sewing and blogging!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Last week was one of THOSE weeks.  A week where life balls up a fist and punches you in the gut and reminds you that there are no guarantees of tomorrow.  The lady who sat in the cubical next to me for last 4+ years died unexpectedly last week.  A young fit 50something gal who could, literally, run circles around the rest of us, just up and left this world.   

After struggling through the emotions involved with a tragedy all week, I was exhausted.  It made me want to go home and pull the covers over my head and wear my pjs all weekend.  It made me want to hug every member of my family tighter and call everyone I love who lived too far away to hug just to hear their voices.

But I didn't crawl in bed, I LIVED.  I was taken out to celebrate life and Mother's Day by my awesome son and his wife on Friday night. After that I stayed inside the boundaries of my small homestead for the next two days and nights.

I sat on the patio and sipped coffee with family and friends, I finished one project and started another, I did yard work and house work, laundry and mending, I read a book, I watched shows I had recorded on the DVR.  I cooked a little, ate a little, kept my mind and body busy and I probably hugged people even more than usual.

And I finally captured a few shots of those noisy Bluejays.

Are you looking at ME?

Three in the bush
I thought all four of them were in that tree but the fourth one hid from me pretty well.



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It's All Connected said...

Seize The Day! Thanks for the reminder. ~ Maureen