Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach

Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach
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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Family Heirlooms or Old Kitchen Gadgets?

In my breakfast room I have a built cabinet with glass doors.  This could have been intended for fine china, but I use my china every day. Bone china is probably the most durable type of dinnerware on the market so why not use it for every day?

So what do I keep on display?  For some odd reason I have an assortment of kitchen stuff from four generations of my family. (I'm counting myself as the 3rd generation)

 I'll begin with this shot from inside my cabinet
which includes, but is not limited to
Glasses and a meat grinder that belonged to my grandmother
Coffee cups that belonged to my husband's grandfather
A thermos my husband used in elementary school
A clay something made by my daughter
A cookie frying thing from my mother-in-law and
A little rose rock sculpture because you can only find this type of rose rock in Noble, OK


My mother gave me these two items she and my Dad
received on their 25th anniversary when I celebrated
25 years of marriage, she said she had 50th Anniversary stuff now so I could have these.

Below you see a cake plate that belonged to my grandmother and
this brown jar belonged to my OTHER grandmother, my Mom calls it a snuff jar
and I don't want to know more than that
The canning jars came from my Mom - she has a lot of old stuff she's willing to share
Isn't the blue glass beautiful?

This bowl belonged to my great aunt

This crystal bowl was given to us for a wedding present a LONG time ago by my aunt and Uncle.  Use two hands - it is HEAVY!

The most interesting item in this shot is the bottle. When we built our second home, this bottle was in the sand they delivered for our foundation.  The sand came from the river and so the bottle had probably been in there for decades.  The cork is still in the bottle but being dried up it is in the bottom.  There are no chips in the bottle from it's journey, it's just sort of "sandblasted".  Most people would have probably thrown this out but I like to think about it's story.

I know some people are going to gasp or groan when I say this but these jars were actually stuck in the back of my pantry just holding beans and stuff.  (more treasures from Mom)  Since jars are so interesting and I have awesome ones I dug them out and put them in my kitchen window sill.  They will make me smile while I wash the dishes.

I have more stuff, an old coffee pot, a garlic press, a cheese grater and a cherry pitter.  I thought you would get bored if I posted all that stuff.

One person's junk is another person's treasure they say.  I just like the stories that my old junk treasures can tell.

Live, Love, Laugh, Reminisce,


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