Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach

Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach
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Thursday, May 14, 2015

New Vanity Tops!!

I'm embarrassed to admit the upstairs bathroom renovation is STILL two steps away from being completed.  TWO TINY STEPS. And the hold up is me. All that remains is finishing the paint on the cabinets and giving all the doors a good scrubbing. 3 bathroom doors, 2 bedroom doors and 2 closet doors. Okay, two not so tiny steps.

But....I have been seriously lacking in energy the last few weeks.  I rarely get anything done when I get home from work except dinner and getting ready for bed. So that only leaves weekends. And my weekends have been busy with other things, more important things, like kids and grandkids, so the project is still very slowing crawling forward.

Now, I am sure you understand that a project rarely consists of just one thing, so the bathroom is connected to two bedrooms, both of which need cleaned up and stuff given away, one needed painted (got that done), curtains replaced (done), etc.  So it's really sort of a 3 room project. Plus a new sink for the hall bath downstairs, the count is up to four rooms. I'm feeling better about it taking so long. I'm glad I didn't include painting the downstairs guest room as part of this project!

One part of the bathroom project was completed pretty easily though.  It only required two trips home from work, plus removal and re-installation of the plumbing on 3 sinks. (plus a trip to Home Depot for a cut off valve)

One the first trip home they measured for the new vanity tops and I picked colors.  While we were ordering for the upstairs bathroom we we wanted to go ahead with a new top for the hall bathroom downstairs also. So I had two counters and sinks to choose.  They sent me quotes and I ordered (and paid for) the new ones.  With SuperDave traveling for work quite a bit recently we decided to pay for removal of the old vanity tops instead of doing that ourselves.  This was nice because we didn't have to deal with removal. But he did the plumbing and I did the paint touch up, teamwork!

Here's a before picture of the upstairs vanity, I didn't take one BEFORE we started working in there, hence the mess.

But both bathrooms had the same counter, a funky goldish yellow color and seashell sinks with a soap ledge on each side.  I'm sure this was popular in the 80s.

As I looked at it one last time, I thought, seashell sinks are kinda awesome.  I mean they are shaped like a seashell. And if anyone, anywhere could love a seashell shaped sink it would be a beach loving girl like little 'ole me.  But they had to go! Outdated is the word that comes to mind, but if they were in a beach house, in an attractive color, just maybe they would be classic.

As I got ready to write this post I realized I have no pictures after the faucets were replaced! I will include some after the cabinets are painted and the doors are washed and I reveal the entire project in all it's glory!

But for now, here is the beautiful new MATTE WHITE double sink vanity with wave bowls.  I had a 6" backsplash made for this one because I thought it looked more upscale and also would cover any sheetrock/paint damage from removal of the old vanity.  I'm very pleased and happy with the new vanity top. And also, you should know, this is cultured marble.  No kidding.

Cultured marble has a bad rep.  People think it's cheap - it's not cheap, it's not low end.  It's super durable.  It's a great product that lasts a long long time and looks beautiful almost forever if you make a good choice. It's the perfect choice for this Jack 'n Jill bath in the upstairs guest bathroom. And honestly, for myself, I would be good with this in the master bath.  But in the area where we live, when we sell, buyer's will expect granite in the master bath.  So when we replace the counter tops in the master, I will probably go with granite.

And speaking of granite - which I also love.  I chose granite for the small vanity the guest bathroom downstairs. My color choice was Santa Cecelia, a beautiful gold and black with a square under mount wave bowl.  Be still my heart, that's a lovely counter top and sink! But now I'm questioning if this room needs repainted to match the granite better.  sigh.....

I wonder if other people work on guest areas first and the master bedroom and/or bathroom second?  Or like us, do you just do first what needs done more urgently first?  We were honestly embarrassed for guests to use our tub/shower upstairs.  It was that bad.  But after two more steps by yours truly it's going to be amazing!

Much love and laughter,


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