Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach

Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach
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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bathroom Renovation Part 1, Tub and Tile Demolition

Shortly after moving into our home 8 years ago we discovered that the porcelain finish on the bathtub upstairs was completely gone.  Whether it was scrubbed off or defective, I have no idea, but it was G-O-N-E and we could never make the tub look clean. Eventually we hired a guy to refinish the tub and tile. (it was a brownish color)  Why aren't all bathtubs WHITE?  Maybe this color was all the rage in the 80s, but probably not 5 years later. Please, don't ever install a tub that isn't white.  White never goes out of style.

Back to my very sad story. A few weeks after the refinish, the tub and tile started peeling and I realized I had been totally scammed by a tub refinishing guy who didn't respond to calls and e-mails after he got my money.  He apparently changed the name of his company often so people can't research him and discover he's a crook.  My advice is search the phone number of service providers, he wasn't changing his phone number, just the company name. 

Anyway, all in the past, lesson learned, money down the drain.

This year, the tub and tile are leaving us and will be replaced (at great time, effort and expense) with a shiny new CLEAN tub and updated tile.  Fortunately, the cost won't be as high due to all the work being done by SuperDave and yours truly. (mostly SD)

Ugly, sad, peeling tile....

Ugly, sad, peeling bathtub.......

We had a list of about 10 items before the demo began, including covering the floor tile (which we plan to keep) and the door to one bedroom. This should help minimize damage and make cleanup after a little easier.  Don't worry about the vanity top, it was refinished poorly also and will be removed in a few weeks.

SuperDave is the demo king and he got a fancy new tool.  Projects at our house always require new tools. I call this one the Tileminator.  It made removing the tile much faster and easier.  

Painting my baby girls's old room (in the background of this picture) will be done when the bathroom is finished.  She moved out and left stuff hanging on the walls. Painting this room has been on our list for a few years, but while she lived here she was always too busy to cooperate. It is way past time for a fresh coat of paint.  Right now, it's the staging room and it's a BIG MESS.

Here it goes!

Bye, bye, not going to miss you!

The pile of debris has been growing a little every day. We (and by we, I mostly mean my honey) have been working on this every evening for 3 days.  So far, no time off work.  

This is today.  
I guess when they built our home they didn't think it necessary to close up the wall behind the tub or insulate it.  They also didn't even attach the tub to the studs - it was just sitting there.  Maybe that's why the caulk always cracked and water stood in the corner of the tub?

The debris pile now includes the ugly tub.  Good job SuperDave!

We've had the windows open in the bedroom and bathroom during demo to reduce the amount of dust in the room.  I would love to say I broke my nail working hard, but I was just closing the window after SD was finished.  

Hopefully, the fun part starts shortly.  Putting new stuff in IS more fun than taking old stuff out, right?  Stay tuned for Part 2.

Much love and laughter,


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