Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach

Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach
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Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Bit of Boo!

A few days ago, I shared a link to my post from last year with all our enthusiastic Halloween decorating. Maybe the reason I didn't get that done this year is because my baby girl, who was my Halloween decorating helper last year, is going to school and working and working and going to school. If she's awake she's probably one place or the other. (or possibly hanging out with a guy)

But I managed to add a little 'Bit of Boo!' and with Halloween upon us, it is too late to do anything else now.

To easily add a bit of boo to my entry table I just added this sign

I picked this patchwork pumpkin up on the cheap after Halloween last year.
Isn't it cute? I go for cute - not scary. Scary is just not my thang!
I added this trio of terra cotta jack-o-lanterns to the dining table vignette,
along with these pirate skull salt and pepper shakers.
I think they are awesome and not very scary.
They jack-o-lanterns are just the right size for a little votive candle.

I love this witch hat, it's a little "WICKED", but not scary

My jack-o-lanterns are normally the smiley sort - not the scary sort
Even the ghost on this pitcher is friendly and giving a wave.
I decorated these bottles with printable labels last year and filled them with colored water,
they may be the creepiest thing in my Halloween decor.
I love a REAL carved pumpkin - but this foam pumpkin we carved
several years ago comes out every October and requires no work -
except to plug it into an outlet.
Fortunately I got a REAL jack-o-lantern this year too - courtesy of the baby girl!
She's got skills!

SuperDave and I attended a costume party last weekend.
We added to our existing pirate regalia this year to really take our costumes up a notch.
Making these costumes is one thing that has kept me busy the last few weeks!
 Boo to You!
Happy Halloween!


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