Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach

Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach
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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Once Upon A Time There Was an Ugly....



Once Upon a Time I shared the story of our upstairs bathroom which was in need of work.  I told you about how we thought we had two months before our youngest was back home for a year and then she moved home early - right in the middle of the renovation.

Here are few (scary) reminders of what it looked like BEFORE....

It once had polished brass and bone colored tub and tile
(polished brass finish was a fail like some of the bronze finishes, it just doesn't hold up)

It had gold tone mirrors and greenish paint

Some places (to my surprise) still had the paint color BEFORE the greenish paint

The previous owner had new tile put in the tub and toilet area,
but put NEW carpet in the sink area before we bought the house!
I shared the work in progress here.

Except for this picture which was too hideous to show anyone.  No matter how hard we tried this tub never looked clean - the finish was gone!

But then, we did a little work worked so long we lost track of the hours and AFTER we were finished it wasn't ugly anymore. But I was so tired I didn't even share the after photos.

But here are the pictures finally, after I've had a chance to recover.  I would have taken a few more but the minute it was completed it was occupied and covered with girl products galore.

I repainted the frames on the mirrors in a two tone combo of bronze and nickel
 to tie all the mix/match metal colors together

The tub and tile was re-finished and the trim on the shower/tub was replaced

A new Shower Curtain and Towels finished the updated look
I apologize for the yellow tint to the pics it's difficult to take pictures
in this small room with or without the flash the color seems off

Carpet was replaced with wood look tile - 
of course the tiles in the bath area were discontinued
 so matching them was not an option

New paint, new light, new switches, new cover plates, repainted mirror frames
this pic is before the crown molding was added, now it looks even better
minus the paint cans, etc helps too
In addition to what you see in these pics we also

Removed the popcorn ceiling, added new texture and paint

Added crown molding in the sink area

Added an exhaust fan and light to the shower area

Had the faux marble vanity top coated with the same white as the tub and tile (it really was this yellowish color) I'm anxious to see how the finish holds up

We had previously replaced the faucets, towel bars/rings and tissue holder

I think this room is DONE (for now at least) and the daughter who lives upstairs declares it looks like a "Princess Bathroom." I've never seen a princess bathroom, but I'm sure that's a compliment. 

~The End~


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Debbie said...

Fantastic! You were so ambitious to even remove the popcorn. I want to do that in our whole house, but at LEAST in some bathrooms around this joint. I love what you did with the mirrors, too.

Two big fat thumb's up!

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

Laura, just getting caught up on my blog reading and saw this post. Wow! You have really been busy. The bathroom looks great! I am sure your daughter loves it!