Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach

Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach
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Friday, June 21, 2013

A Shell in Your Pocket and Sand in Your Shoes

According to the calendar, today is the first day of summer.  "If I Were Queen" it would be a worldwide holiday.  It would be a day for drinking lemonade, grilling burgers, eating watermelon and homemade ice cream and floating in the pool.  But of course, I'm not the Queen of the World's just a regular day at work for me and mine.

The first true day of summer is different down south than in the northern states of the USA.  Our summer here in Texas started a few weeks ago and we've already had plenty of hot, humid days.  Think sauna.

But I've been waiting for summer because I LOVE it, even if it makes me sweat (and I DON'T love sweating).  One thing I've been waiting for is to display my beach decor all over the house.  Once upon a time, Christmas decorations were my favorite (and I still love them) but I think my new favorite home decor is my summer/beach decor. I'm a beach girl at heart, (see top of blog page!) even though I've always lived in a landlocked state.

I haven't made a lot of progress so far, but I did manage to get started and that made me very happy.  I quickly put a few things out on the entryway table and snapped a photo.  I guess if I lived at the beach I could decorate my house this way year round!  This is just the beginning, I did quite a bit last year after being inspired by other bloggers who change out their mantle decor throughout the year.  You can take a look at last year's summer/beach decor here and here.  I will change it up a little this year and add a few new items.  But one of the best things about my summer decor is that most of the items I use are already in my house.  So I don't buy much - which is the best way to decorate!

A conch from Jamaica, the sand/shell jar from our trip to Seagrove Beach, Florida,
drift wood and brain coral from Mexico, shells my father-in-law collected in Hawaii.
A lovely glass fishing weight from....Marshall's and a seahorse candle holder from Kohl's.

Part of the reason I love the beach/summer decor is because it brings back memories of beach vacations.  And beach vacations are my favorites (But, I love the mountains too)

I can't pass up a good sign and I found a new one this spring
I put it front and center when you enter our home

Grab your flip flops and a cold drink. It's summertime!


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1 comment:

Maureen said...

I'm casting my vote for you as queen! At least anyone entering your home and seeing all those beachy finds will know you have officially declared summer open.