Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach

Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach
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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Upstairs Bathroom Not So Mini Makeover Project

After finishing up the master bedroom project I did not anticipate taking on another room makeover project anytime soon. But as usual, one thing led to another, and now we are in the process of updating our upstairs bathroom. 

We didn't tackle this room before primarily because our baby girl was living up there. And while she was living up there we just mostly avoided the 2nd level of our house - especially her bathroom.  If you have teenage girls - you know why.  But for the last several months she's been living in an apartment near her school. Now she's decided to switch gears - from college to beauty school.  She will need to live at home for a year so she can apply her rent money toward tuition.  So we're getting the upstairs bathroom in better condition before she moves home. 

The finish is mostly gone from the bathtub - it really needs replaced, but we are going to have it re-glazed.  I hope this works because removing the tub and tile and starting over would not only be expensive, but extremely difficult and messy.  I took a picture of the tub - but it's so awful I can't bear to show it to you.

This project all started because we needed to install an exhaust fan in this bathroom.  Building code does not require one because there is a window over the tub. (which of course everyone will open when they shower, even if the temperature is 105 or 35) Installing the fan was a real challenge, requiring my SuperDave to get up to the 2nd story roof level and in the attic behind the HVAC unit right next to the eave of the house.  But, as always, he got it done!

The moisture problem caused by the lack of an exhaust fan was causing the popcorn texture to fall off the ceiling, so he scraped the old texture off and I applied new texture.  I'm not 100% satisfied with the texture, but it's an improvement.  I don't plan to texture ceilings again - ever!  Thank goodness this is a small space.  ouch!

I also need to repaint the room because the pale green color was ugly and they didn't do a good job painting this room.  Having never used this tub and shower I didn't even realize how bad the paint job was, until I started working on this room.  How sloppy is that?

This light needed to go too - mostly because it generates SO MUCH HEAT! 

I've "decided" to mix metals in this bathroom, my Internet research says this is perfectly acceptable. As much as I dislike matchy decor, this is one area where I thought everything had to match, but I guess I was wrong (and I'm thankful).  Mixing the metals was a choice that evolved because we had already replaced the shiny brass faucets at the sinks with these beauties (velvet aged bronze.)

After installing the sink fauctes, I discovered that to get a good quality trim kit for a triple handle shower/tub faucet set - the only color choice is chrome.  And seriously - these have to go.  Not just because they are shiny brass, but because our hard water has destroyed the finish.  I know it would do the same to a bronze finish in a short time, so chrome is the best option anyway.  I'm a little surprised they put this style of controls in our house which was built in the mid-80s, but that's what we've got.  Switching to single handle controls would require that the tile be removed and replaced - I'm seeing $$$$$$ just thinking about it.

My plan is to repaint the mirrors with bronze and apply a silver glaze to tie the metal colors neatly together.

 Before we bought our house new tile was installed in the tub/toilet area of the bathroom, but they installed NEW carpet in the sink area.....WHY???? 

And of course, the tile is now discontinued, so if we want the tile in the sink area to match the tile in the tub/toilet area, we will need to pull up toilet and the existing tile and install new tile in both areas. This rolling snowball is growing fast.  sigh

I'm in the middle of this now and wide open for suggestions.  Anybody mixing metals in the bathroom? (besides me)

Have you had a tub reglazed?

Signing off from The Land of No Small Projects,


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