Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach

Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach
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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Barn Demo Day!

I may have mentioned a time or two that my parents have lived on the same 40 acre farm in Oklahoma for almost 50 years. Forty-four years ago my Dad demolished the log structure that he calls a "corn crib" and built a very basic wooden barn. 

Last weekend my family gathered to demo the old barn.

This is one place we played as kids.  Our kids played there too.  It was used to store hay back in the days of square bales, also sacks of feed, saddles and tack for horses. A lot of cattle were fed in this barn over the last 44 years.  I will admit I shed a tear or two for my lost childhood and my parents lost youth while I watched it crumble to the ground.

However - I am very excited for the new barn construction to start on Monday. I wish I was there to watch it go up! My Dad is getting an "uptown" metal barn in my Mother's choice color of RED with extra detail on the roof to give it style.

Here's a little bit of what went on down at the farm last weekend.

Mom & Dad - how funny is that?  (my sister's idea)
Family portrait - haha

The kids (thought they) helped!

My brother and this monster really brought it down

I get a lot of pictures of my youngest nephew because
he's never far from his Papa and also because he's so cute!
Dad told a few stories while the guys kept an eye on the fire

Almost gone

Granny's way to keep kids clear of the demo -
she took them for a drive through the pasture to look at wildflowers
It was a lot of hard work for SuperDave, my brother, nephew and brother-in-law but they got it done.  We wouldn't have missed being there, definitely a day in the family history book.

We girls kept the kids out of harm's way, cooked the food and carried cold drinks to the guys.  Even the littlest gals can carry cold drinks up a hill.

We also painted each others toenails. 

We're country girls but we still like our toenails to be pretty when we're wearing our summer flip flops.  I'm thankful to be from a big family who always enjoys being together, working or playing or a little of both.



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Shabby chic Sandy said...

This looks like fun--love the picture of your Mom and Dad! Now I want a picture of my parents like that :) said...

What a beautiful area! Your pics are great! I am new from southern charm! I would love for you to check out my blog and hopefully follow me back! Nicole!

Suzan Sweatman said...

Hi Laura -
LOVE LOVE LOVE this post - how lucky to have grown up in such a beautiful spot!
Great photos ( especially the one with your Mom and Dad )