Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach

Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach
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Friday, March 1, 2013

Let There Be LED Light

It's been another busy week around our house (as always). But at least I know some of the things that have been keeping me so busy this time around.  Even with my busy week I did manage to get outside and cut a few of my spring flowers.  It was a cold night and I was shivering in my pjs while I cut these lovelies, but I did it!  I brought some springtime inside to join me by the fire.  This is Texas and February is over - time for it to warm up just a little more.

Ever since I snagged a couple of old milk bottles from my Mom's storage building treasure trove several months ago I've been wanting to use one as a vase.  I love this one that says "BUY WAR BONDS" and has a picture of Elsie the Cow.

Big news this week  - we bought a robotic vacuum cleaner.  This has been part of a long term plan. The last few years I've purchased mostly furniture that sits high enough high off the floor to clean under and retrieve lost cat toys from underneath. I also find it makes the room look bigger to me if I can see the floor. The installation of more wood floors makes for easy cleaning and this robot vac can clean the wood floors under the furniture.  So far, I'm really liking this thing.  It will clean under stuff much more frequently than I would have done on my own.

I finally got the whole house cleaned up from the wood flooring project.  It was a necessity since we finally started the refinance process on our house and the appraiser was coming.  Appraisals are always a weird thing, you want it to be high enough for your financing, but not too high since the property taxes will be based on it (at least around here and if you've ever owned a home in Texas, you know the property taxes are expensive!)

And now to the LED lighting.  Here is a project that wasn't my idea (entirely).  Don't you love bright light when you're working around the house? (not the most flattering, but definitely necessary when you've got work to do indoors)

SuperDave had been shopping around for LED conversion kits for the can lights in our kitchen.  We had fluorescent floods which were medium brightness and had to warm up to be fully bright. We found a super deal on these at Costco and decided not only to brighten up the kitchen, but also the family room and the master bath shower.  If you are younger this may not sound so exciting to you, but when your eyes get older you need lots of bright lighting in your house.

These things are BRIGHT.  When I flip the switch the are full bright immediately and almost blinding.  They are dimmable for when the work is done.  smile  Every time I turn them on I want to sing a big Cheno Note ala Kristin Chenoweth. If you have no idea what I'm talking about check out this link.

Ceiling pics are kinda weird but they look like this and I like the appearance a lot better than can lighting.  I'm pretty sure with these kits you also don't need to be an electrician to do the install so run out and get you some right away!

Over the sink we decided to hang a pendant in place of the can light.  This is also a conversion kit, the kind that screws in like a light bulb.  We got it at Lowe's. You pick your own shade and we added an LED bulb in this fixture too.  It's purty! I didn't get a picture of the packaging, but it was with the pendant lights. I can find out the info and relay that if anyone needs to know.

So that's most of what I've been up to this week - the interesting part anyway.

Happy Friday!


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Maureen said...

That's the first time I've heard of conversion kits to use existing bulb fittings. I'd better check those out!

Sooner Laura said...

I confirmed with SuperDave the flood conversions are also designed to screw into the bulb socket.