Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach

Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach
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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Barely Spring Decorating

The last couple of months I have been so busy with the wood floor project that I didn't work up much energy for Spring and Easter decorating. My mind is more on a chaise lounge on the patio and a drink with an umbrella.  If you missed the wood floor project you can see the family room here and the master bedroom here.  

I have several small cute baskets so I always fill them with eggs and place them around the house.  After that, I basically just tried to think of what I had on hand to do a minimal amount of Spring decorating.

I always hear Paris in the Spring is wonderful, so I pulled together a few "chic" black and white plates, my French Press Coffee Pots and an Eiffel Tower.  Because this only filled up the middle of the china cabinet I also used birdhouses and a basket of eggs to fill out the space.

This china cup looks like spring to me, so I hid an egg in it.

I even tried my hand at a little Spring tablescaping in the dining room.  I expected to be asked, "Why did you do that?" But instead, my sweetie said he liked it and thought it was very pretty!  Perhaps he's gone beyond asking why......

I replaced the Valentine's Day candles with grass and eggs on the coffee table.  I think this may be my favorite.  I carried this basket when I was the flower girl in a wedding at age four - yes that was a long time ago and no I'm not a hoarder - but I do keep sentimental things.  The photo I took of my 'kids' about 15 years ago, it's one of my favorite pics of them EVER!

My new favorite Spring decoration is this muslin bunny.  He's one of two new things I picked up recently. (Marshall's for cheap, my favorite price)  Isn't he the sweetest?

The other new item is this table runner for the breakfast table - too cute to resist and a perfect fit. It goes great wtih a basket, another bunny and some silly eggs created by my kids a year or two ago.

I purchased a bouquet of white mums at the grocery store for $3.99 and mixed them with the daffodils from my yard.  I got two nice spring bouquets from one bunch of flowers!  I put this one in the master bath.  I'm here in the morning getting ready for work and in the evening getting ready for bed.  I spend a good deal of my at home awake time in my bathroom on work days!  For some reason yellow always seems like the color of Spring to me.

I also like to decorate the kitchen windowsill because I spend a fair bit of time in the kitchen as well.  I only have one St. Patrick's Day item, this cream and sugar set, so I added it to the Easter decorations this week.

I tossed a few Spring things on my mantle but I'm not even showing that - it's nothing to blog about. Seriously - the mantle needs some work. 

Our weather here this week is Spring like for sure and I'm looking forward to taking off early on Friday for lunch and a pedi with a dear friend. What a wonderful way to end the week!

Happy Spring! 


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Susan said...

Laura, your Easter vignettes are very pretty! The mums look great with the daffodils!

Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

Well at least you have something out for Spring. I'm still strangling along with my winter vignettes!

Everything looks so fresh!

AllyJo said...

I like the grass in the tea cups. :)

The Tablescaper said...

Love your touches.

Perhaps you'd care to link to SEASONAL SUNDAYS next week. The link goes up at 7 pm on Saturday evening.

- The Tablescaper