Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach

Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach
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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Small Projects In the Middle of Big Projects

Tell me the truth, do you do this too?  While you're in the middle of a BIG project do you also work on a multitude of small medium size projects?

It always seems to go that way at our house.  Some small projects we know about in advance and plan.  Some we just think of along the way.  And some just catch us by surprise.  In the midst of our wood flooring project we did a few other projects.

The Caulking Project

We knew we had to caulk the baseboards and were concerned about it because neither of us has ever felt proficient at caulking neatly.  But we came up with a system that worked this time even with white trim and blue paint.  SuperDave caulked the gap and did the preliminary clean up with a little blue DAP caulking tool. Then, I used a 3/4" flat stiff artist paint brush to clean up the caulk line.  I dipped it in water, blotted in on a towel so it was damp, not drippy, then I carefully cleaned the caulk from the blue paint and make the caulk line straight along the top of the base trim.  The result was great!  We are both pleased with the neat caulk line.

Painting the bedroom was another project that I knew about in advance.  For the past few years painting for me includes adding paintable textured switch plate covers and outlet covers.  Looking at this picture, I'm wondering if I should have had 'you know who' switch out the outlet for a white one. 

While we were in caulking mode and things were going well, I caulked all the trim in the hallway and guest bathroom.  This should have been done AGES AGO. The hall tile was installed at the same time as the guest bath makeover. When we installed the new floor tile and trim we didn't caulk it due to caulking insecurities mentioned above.  It just sat there unfinished bugging me - but now it's done!  I'm so excited (and slightly embarrassed) that we finally wrapped up this last detail of the tiling project from a year ago.  Since the wall was off white I used the little caulking tool and didn't even need the paint brush.

It turned out good!  If I had know how easy it was going to be with the caulking tool, I would have done this a long time ago.

The Electrical Projects

The light switches in the bedroom went from this


Since I was replacing the switch plate cover I figured we might as well install Decora switches. (We did this when I painted the bathroom and I really like the new switches.)  By "we" I mean SuperDave, since he does the electrical work.  I painted the cover except for the screws - still on the "punch list".

While I caulked the hall trim, SuperDave changed my closet light from this

To This!!! 

Taking a picture of the light with it on was tricky, but I wanted you to see the blue LEDs.  Aren't they cool?  The new light fixture gave me over 3 times the wattage in my closet and now I can see EVERYTHING.  I can tell black from dark blue and brown in there!  The ceiling looks dark in the picture, but the whole closet is shiny and bright!

The Sofa Project

Our poor old ancient family room sofa got a little update as well.  It's in good shape after all these years, but the fabric no longer matches our decor.  Did it ever?  I admit I chose this, but it was 20 years ago. The patterned fabric was probably a good choice for a family with 3 kids.  If you have reclining furniture, your probably know that a stationary sofa is the last place anyone will sit, so most of the time no one sits on our sofa.

I bought a SureFit two piece slipcover and I'm really pretty happy with the way it looks.  So far it seems to be staying in place very well and it should hold us for a while until we're prepared to spend money on a new one.

So tell me truly, do you do this too?  Do you keep adding to the original project as you go along?

Happy Hump Day,


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Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi Laura, I have found doing one project always leads to several more. I will give the caulking tool a try and I appreciate you sharing your projects at the Open House party.
xx, Sherry

Susan said...

I thought it was a rule, that doing one project you have to do another and then another.
I am your newest follower.

Kim said...

I do it all the time Laura. I'm not the best multi-tasker. I'm a little scattered. Have a great weekend!