Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach

Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach
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Friday, January 11, 2013

Shades of Gray or Blue

TGIF!  Yea!  We made it to Friday!  Due to the holidays, it's been a while since we have worked 5 days in a row and it has been brutal.  I was beginning to think we would never make it to the weekend, but here we are, almost there.

Last night around 9:00 pm I was painting a test swatch of paint on our master bedroom wall. This makes perfect sense to everyone else too, correct?  As part of our master bedroom makeover, I was planning to paint the walls. The paint project timeline has been moved forward several months because we are replacing the flooring now instead of in the summer.

A few months ago I bought two gallons of Behr paint at Home Depot because it was $7 a gallon. Someone either changed their mind or didn't like the color. It looked like a beautiful bluish grayish color. I figured for a savings of about $75 I could make it work somewhere in the house.  The color is called Prelude.

Since, our daughter wanted something different for her room, I decided to try it on our bedroom.  So last night, I'm painting away when you know who walks into our room.  I know he thinks I'm crazy, but he knows me very well after 33 years, so nothing much should surprise him anymore in regard to me and decorating our home.

I was planning to ask his opinion of the color after it was dry and we had viewed it at all times of the day in all light etc, etc,  but then he said, " it matches your pajamas!"  Yes, I was painting in my pjs, nothing strange there, it was just a couple square feet of wall space.  BUT, my pajamas were sort of aqua, or a pale turquoise nowhere near the wall color.

In fact the only thing they had in common was that they both were shades of blue. A little while later, I was considering, once again, the color to paint the lingerie chest, which will be the final painted furniture project for our bedroom.  I walked around the room looking at each piece of furniture. The desk, chest, dresser, bedside tables, lingerie chest.  Then I got in bed. 

My SuperDave had another question, "What are you doing?" 
Me: "Going to bed"
SD: "Why are you walking all around the room?"
Me: "I'm thinking about what color to paint to the lingerie chest. I'm thinking maybe red, it would be gorgeous in red."
SD: "RED?"
Me: "Or black, I love the solid black on your bedside table.  Maybe red on the detail of the drawer fronts, then black over it and sand off the black so the red shows through." 
SD: "Well do whatever you want."
Me: "You know I will." smile


So here's how the sample spot is looking....maybe too blue? Not enough gray?

Oh my, these walls are ELEVEN FEET tall.  sigh

Don't 'cha love paint?  It totally transforms.


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Maureen said...

If you think it's too blue in daylight, get the store to tint it more grey. You still saved a ton of money! I like the idea of black rubbed back to red on the linen chest.

Linda Primmer said...

It does look blue, however with the monitors showing all different hues, it's difficult to see the true color.
You did get a bargain. Looking forward to see the final results. Your newest follower, Linda

Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

It looks blue but I love blue since that is what I just painted our master bedroom and bath!! What a bargain on the paint.