Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach

Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach
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Monday, December 10, 2012

Silver & Gold & Red & Blue - Christmas Decorating Dilemma

Happy Monday everybody!  Two weeks until Christmas!  How's the decorating coming along? (I finally finished over the weekend) 

And then there's shopping, I'm almost finished, hope you are too.  I like the last 2 or 3 weeks of December to be calm and have the correct Christmas focus, so I try to finish up my errands and most of the WORK of the holidays as early as possible.

I wasn't sure how I wanted to decorate our mantle for Christmas this year.  I've seen so many beautiful ideas. I could have started from scratch, spent a lot of money and had a mantle display that would inspire awe.  But in all my mantle decorating this year I've tried to put together mostly stuff I already had in the house, for me it was part of the fun.

Then there's the color choice(s).  Silver and Blue?  Red & Gold?

"Silver & Gold, Silver & Gold, Mean so much more When I see
Silver & gold decorations On every Christmas tree"

Some people like silver, some people like gold.  Me?  I like SPARKLE.  Even my wedding ring is a yellow and white gold combination so I've always been good with mixing my metals.  My decor style is eclectic and my Christmas decorating style is also eclectic, as you will see.  I'm using what I've got and through the years I 've collected a LOT!

My tree has a sort of burgundy and gold emphasis.  But I also love cream and gold, blue and silver and even the almost "newer" neon pinks, greens, and blues we've seen in recent years.  So I've decided to use them ALL.

The mantle is a bit of a theme dilemma because the large painting is always OVER the mantle regardless of the arrangement ON the mantle.  It's too big to even consider moving.  But because it has so many colors, it works pretty well. (I just want to walk right into it)

One thing I knew would be part of my mantle display was the oldest Christmas decoration I own.  It is an Avon bubble bath bottle - a Christmas Sparkler ornament in blue from 1968.  It was given to me by my aunt when I was 6 years old.  It's collectible, but it's special because it came from my Aunt Faye. 

Since the ornament was blue, I started there. First I started collecting stuff that was blue, silver, cream, white (and gold).  Also, I like to use books in decorating so I added an appropriate book, The Gift.

I had not used this nativity set since buying the new one in last week's post.I just love it front and center on the mantle!

I have had the glass Christmas tree jar FOREVER but I had never put the blue garland in it before, it's a nice change up.

Some lovely blue or silver stockings would look good with this arrangement - BUT, our stockings are red.  The needle point stocking is mine and I made it from a kit given to me as a gift over 30 years ago.  I will never ever ever make another needlepoint project.  It took forever!  The first felt stocking I made was my husbands and I lovingly appliqued the bell and embroidered the tree and his name.  (also time consuming) the beaded appliques were added many years later.  With every child the felt stockings I made became less labor intensive.
I just couldn't find the time or the energy!

The only other stocking by our fire this year belongs to the baby girl and by the time she came along I made her stocking the fast and easy way.  A little sewing a little glue.  The other kids own their own homes so they don't have socks by the fire at our house anymore.

Moving away from the fireplace, I placed a simple grouping of primarily gold and red items on the coffee table.

When decorating for Christmas if you want to keep it simple, my policy is PUT A BOW ON IT!  Nothing easier!  Remember the coal bucket I rescued earlier this year and repainted?  For Christmas it's filled with cinnamon pine cones.

Guess whose talented Dad made her this cedar sleigh one Christmas past?

This beautiful tree topper is rather heavy to use on a tree top, so I stuck in it this box of greenery along with my leftover floral picks and added a bow.  Isn't it funny how when we use things in a way we didn't originally intend sometimes it becomes a favorite?

I'll be sharing the rest of the decorations very soon, so don't forget to stop by.

Much Love & Laughter,


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Maureen Wyatt said...

It's all very pretty, Laura. My aunt had that glass Christmas tree and I haven't seen one in years. Is it the one that came with candy in it? I've made six cross stitched stocking for grandkids and have a seventh to do. Then, I'm retiring from making any more stockings that take several months to complete!

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

Laura, your decorations are so pretty! The mix of colors work beautifully together. The nativity is gorgeous! You've done a fabulous job!!