Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach

Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Simplify - Easier Said Than Done

I want life to be more simple, truly I do, but sometimes even blogging inspires me to DO more instead of less.  Some people are just wired to see what things COULD be with a little work and creativity - call it our gift!  But all the creativity and decorating makes keeping our homes neat and clean a lot more work.

I have been making progress, but sometimes I slip backwards.  A few months ago I told my husband I had decided to give up on the beautiful comforter set I purchased when we moved into our current old new house.  The comforter had taken up semi-permanent residence on a quilt rack. 

The reasons for this were primarily
#1 because we didn't sleep under the comforter (too warm),
#2 I didn't have time to drag it off the quilt rack every morning to make up the bed before work and
#3 I didn't have the desire to fold it up every evening to put it back on the quilt rack.

Joining the comforter against the wall were two king size pillows in the coordinating shams.

In my attempt to simplify my first step was to buy a quilt that matched the dust ruffle. Then I just made up the quilt and that worked for me for a while.  But after months years of looking at that beautiful comforter hanging on the quilt rack I decided it was time for it to go. Now you have to understand that I really LOVED the comforter set, it was beautiful and rich looking and was gorgeous on my bed - 5 or 6 times per month. 

The comforter and dust ruffle

I decided to replace it with a quilted cotton bedspread (which we would sleep under AND make up the bed with) and a variety of pillowcases that coordinated (which would be on pillows we actually use at night).  There are SEVEN of those - 4 king size - 3 standard - don't ask! 

This was working very well until we bought our new beautiful poster bed from craigslist.  Then I thought about how beautiful the comforter would look on the new bed and almost went back.  But I stuck with my intention to simplify and listed the comforter set on craigslist.  I sold it within a few days to a retired lady who was so thrilled with it she gave me a hug!  So at least I know it has gone to a good home. (even though I had a difficult time letting it go)

And now THE BIG REVEAL!  My BEAUTIFUL craigslist second hand plantation poster bed.  It's sporting with the quilt I make up (almost) every day and the pillow cases we use every night on the pillows.  Plus a few throw pillows tossed on which I made a while back from some fabric left over from covering chair seats.

How have you simplified your daily routine?

And the master bedroom makeover continues.....
See the upclose detailed photos here


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It's All Connected said...

Good for you for really simplifying! I keep meaning to do it and backsliding. Beautiful bed! ~ Maureen

Kathryn Cain said...

Thank you for the comment, I can't tell you how much that canyon made to our of family...the log home was a special place,the canyon my Day hiked as a young man. My son and Hubby fished the creeks and even thought we had to sell..for $$$ for my mom having AZ. expensive...we all still wish we had the land and cabin, it is a magical one would understand until they hiked the land...thank you again

love the progress on the bedroom