Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach

Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach
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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Do The Shuffle! (in a canoe)

Well maybe it was, Do The Hustle!   But for me lately it's been Do the Shuffle (groan pant, push shove, groan some more.)  I am shuffling stuff out, shuffling stuff in, shuffling stuff around, upstairs and downstairs.  You know how it is, right? You start doing a little re-do of a room and it leads to something else and so on and so on.

But in the end if  when it is all finished it will be mahvelous, darling!  Just don't ask me for an estimated date of completion.

Here's something I shuffled out of the upstairs bedroom because it no longer matches in there. Now that I have a blue dresser and blue desk (soon to be revealed when I get the mess cleaned up) that I painted and mod podged for the sewing/guest room upstairs this doesn't go with the theme.  I'm not sure it ever went in that room but it came here from my son's room in our last house and went to that room where he sleeps when he visits.

My first thought was to ask if he wanted it for his new home.  But then I thought maybe this boat would look nice in my seaside style master bathroom.  I could put it on the vanity in the corner where I put some beachy decor my beach vignette.  So I sat it in the corner and put some stuff on it to try it out.

Don't be fooled into thinking I'm being all artistic with this shot - I was just trying not to get my own reflection in the mirror.  But it turned out kinda cool, huh?

I put what I had handy on the shelf to try it out in it's new location
First, a few gifts from my Bday.

Second, this wonderful shell wreath made by my daughter, Sara
This was also a Bday gift. (see turning 50 is awesome!)
I'm so excited about this wreath - I spent most of the summer intending to
make a shell wreath!  Then she did it for me :) 
That girl is crafty, she reminds me of myself when I was younger.
I also put this lovely picture of my family from MANY years ago on the shelf.
It was sitting on the vanity and I really like it on the shelf. I just really love this picture no matter where it is sitting because it's a reminder of an awesome week hanging at the beach with my favorite people. 

I'm sure I'll do some rearranging when I put away my beach decor which is spread throughout the house and bring some of it back to it's year round home in the bathroom.  But I'm not putting all my wonderful beachy mantle decor or my summer candle projects away just yet.

Everywhere I look people are talking FALL DECORATIONS.  I'm not ready for fall!  I feel like summer just started.  Slow it down people, we still have 6 weeks of HEAT in Texas before we start putting out pumpkins!

Summer Lovin',


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Debbie said...

I'm not ready for fall decorations either. I'm sort of a stickler like that.

I'm also doing the shuffle around here, and not only am I huffing and puffing, I'm making a hot mess everywhere.

You, however, have a major score in your game of shuffle. I love the row boat and the way you used it.

Jaye @ Just Trying to Make Cents of it All! said...

When we refinished our basement, we built out a giant storage area. Now it's full of junk and I think I'm going to make hubby to the hustle so I can store some of my seasonal decor there!!!