Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach

Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach
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Friday, July 20, 2012

No More Mud

The side yard project that was started in the spring is finally done! 
(Loud Cheering and High Fives!!!)

I was reminded by my dear sweet husband that it would have been finished long ago had I not got sidetracked and started on the bedroom furniture project which was sidetracked by the guest room projects.  Anyway it goes on and on like that. Hopefully all projects will get completed eventually.

The side yard was a problem for a variety of reasons that included lots of shade from the house and the fence, over watering by the neighbor and that it was a narrow awkward space to mow.  So we decided to do away with the grass completely.  So this is how that project went - I took a lot of pictures, because it took almost forever to complete.

This is how it looked with no grass - bleh!

This is how SuperDave got rid the excess dirt out to make room for the decomposed granite.

After buying way too many BAGS of granite, we put the project on hold.  When we resumed, we found someone who would dump 3 cubic YARDS of crushed granite in our driveway and (big round of applause) my husband hauled it around the house ONE wheelbarrow LOAD at a time. In fact he pretty much did ALL the work on this project by himself.  I just came up with the idea and tried to keep him hydrated.  Okay, I did a bit of raking.

The work in progress.  I relocated these elephant ear bulbs up from another location in our backyard where they had never grown very much. They are very happy in their new home and have gone crazy!

Peeking through the magnolia

A baby cardinal

When we got this close to being finished I was so impressed by how small the pile was I took another photo! My poor SuperDave thought I was pointing out that the pile wasn't gone completely - NOPE - I thought the progress was AMAZING!

I found this yard art for cheap while shopping for project supplies (Costco).
Now the sun is always out in our backyard.

Neat and Clean - No more mowing, no more mud!

It even changed the views out a couple of windows for the better.

I love that we can now use this gate for access to our backyard from the front yard and street.

Good job sweetheart!  My hat is off to my husband and I think all the soreness is now gone from his overworked muscles!

I promise this is the last yard project of the summer.  Now it's time to float in the pool!

Happy Friday!


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It's All Connected said...

A terrific, no maintenance solution! It looks great! ~ Maureen

Debbie said...

Fantastic Laura!! (I like to tell my husband that I have the job as "narrator" in such situations.

I've been busy so I bet I've missed some more projects on here.

Better go read!

Debbie said...
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