Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach

Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach
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Monday, June 11, 2012

Three Cakes is Two Too Many

My family booked a group of cabins at a state park in Oklahoma (where everyone lives except me and my kids).  Hey, we just moved away to FIND JOBS!  I LOVE Oklahoma but the job market there is not the greatest.  Anywho....

This was a celebration of my Mom's 75th birthday or at least that's the way is started out.  I asked my sister to get some cupcakes for the baby girl since her Monday night graduation that got us home at 11 something o'clock didn't lend itself to a dinner OR dessert.  Now it was a graduation/birthday party.  Friday night after our arrival at the cabins we had Graduation cupcakes.  Cake #1

Saturday was the big 75th birthday party and my family (which is large and loud) was inside and outside and overall having just a really amazing time. This is not the entire group, but we rounded up a fair number of kids, grandkids and great-grandkids for a photo with Granny & Papa.

My Mom's really cute birthday cake was eventually cut in half and my sister took half home, I have no idea what happened to the other half.   SuperDave never even saw it - we were on sugar overload and ate salad Saturday night. Cake #2 

We had our fill of sugar because my sisters decided this was MY birthday celebration also.  My BIG 5-0 is still two months away, but my sisters either wanted me to get older faster or figured getting everyone together in two months was a long shot.

I'm not much of a cake eater so my "cake" was a double decker chocolate chip cookie with frosting in the middle and frosting on the top! Cake #3....they not only want me to be older but also FATTER.  While making a quick stop at my cabin I hear the strains of Happy Birthday to You and think I've missed singing to my Mom when the door opens and in come the kids with a LARGE number of Black Balloons.

On my 40th birthday my siblings ordered 40 black balloons.  The florist didn't have 40 black balloons so they delivered a multicolored balloon bouquet.  I thought they were being nice to me but later found out it was a mistake!  Why would I think they would be nice when I had a milestone birthday. They've been waiting 9 years and 10 months to try again, I guess they couldn't wait any longer.

Sisters!  What would you do without 'em?

My brother did his part to make it a special day too, but that does not include being in this picture.

SuperDave and I took today off to recover unpack and sit by the pool after our road trip.  Of course there's always a little cleaning, laundry and blogging to do after being gone from home for a few days, but I did manage to relax in the pool and read a book for most of the afternoon.  We old ladies need our rest, ya know?

All in all a pretty good Monday!

Much Love & Laughter,


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