Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach

Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach
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Friday, May 11, 2012

Snowball In Summer

Remember two weeks ago when I decided to get rid of some old dark furniture and makeover the master bedroom?  Well that project is snowballing!  It has resulted in a lot of hauling stuff around and craigslist buying and selling.

So it started with a dresser for sale on craigslist that I DIDN'T buy, but I picked up 2 of these for $75 instead.

Then I found this amazingly beautiful chest and a wonderful lady who is going to paint them both for me.  I hated to pay someone to paint, but furniture refinishing is not my specialty.  She gave me a reasonable price and she does such beautiful work that I decided to have her paint these pieces because I'm too chicken to paint them myself.

This one, sadly, is not mine but it's the inspiration for the paint, except we're leaving the top and the drawer fronts the stain color because the wood is so beautiful. 
Can't wait to see it finished!

INSPIRATION - can you feel it?

Then another super craigslist find, it makes my heart go pitter-patter.  This needs no work, it's in perfect condition, but we'll see.  At the very least the green trim may become black trim. But for now I'm good to just leave it alone, it didn't even need cleaned!

I found this desk and small dresser on CL for an unbelievable $60 - BOTH PIECES!  So for that price I'm feeling sort of BRAVE.  I'm going to attempt painting these two pieces myself.  They need a little  a LOT of TLC, one drawer handle, a couple of drawer glides and paint.

Now I'm just on the hunt for a long dresser with lovely lines for a low price.  These frenchy furniture pieces sell SUPER fast on CL.  What I've found so far is either a) gone in a few hours or b) very high priced.  But I don't need to rush too much on the dresser.  First I need to get everything I've already bought finished up and into the room.

My goal is all new bedroom furniture for less than $1000 net. It seems fair to subtract the dollars I make selling old stuff from what I spend, right?  Considering that a new bedroom suite would run $8000 or more I think that will be a really inexpensive bedroom furniture switcheroo.

I'm already looking at wood flooring and paint colors, I'm thinking 2013 might be a good time for those projects.  It's only 7 months away.....

And a final word today about SuperDave, my better half.  He's been, well, SUPER through the last two weeks.

Have a lovely Mother's Day weekend!


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Debbie said...

YAY!!! Go for it. I want to lighten this place up too. Don't you think it's easier somehow to paint something you bought off CL than a piece of your own stuff.

Or is that just me?

Sooner Laura said...

No Debbie, it's not just you. It's easier to paint something you picked up cheap (at least for you and me)