Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach

Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach
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Monday, May 14, 2012

It Must Have Been a Monday

Most days I consider myself a pretty together person, but sometimes I have an experience that totally makes me wonder about my sanity.  Such was this day.  I bet this happened on a Monday........

My neighbor asked if I could care for her dogs one evening. I've done this many times without incident, but this day things went very wrong.

First, I opened her garage door, then the door into the house.  At this point for some reason I decided maybe I should lock the door. I was there alone and the garage door was open so even though I had never locked the door behind me on any other day - Click. 

Next, I punched in the code for the security alarm and walked into the kitchen.  I made my way through the kitchen into the dining room.  I was petting the dogs who were SO excited to see me when the security alarm went off.  Now I was the excited one!  

I searched for and quickly found the other keypad for the alarm by the front door and punched in the code again.  The alarm went quiet.  I whipped out my cell phone and called my friend and told her if the alarm company calls, it's just me.  She said the buttons don't always work on the keypad by the back door and it's all good - or so I thought.

Still on the phone with my friend, I opened the door to the backyard and let the dogs out to do their business.  I followed them out and shut that door behind me.  When I was ready to go back into the house, I discovered that the door I had just came out was STILL LOCKED.  Are you kidding me?

But no problem, right?  I'll go out the gate, in through the garage and into the house through the door to the kitchen - EXCEPT that I locked that door behind me when I went in the house.

My friend (still on the phone) says not to worry, there is a key in the garage.  My panic subsides a little at this very good news.  She walks me through finding the key and I manage to get back into the house, go around, open the other door, let the dogs back in and all is good AGAIN.  But I feel like I'm losing my mind - this is not the sort of thing I normally do!

I go into the room where the dog food is kept and I say thanks and bye and sorry I'm an airhead and hang up the phone.  I fed the dogs and put them back in their rooms.

I reset the alarm, left the house, closed the garage door and got halfway home when I realized - I left my phone somewhere in my friend's house.  Which means I have to go back in and turn off the alarm again....  Fortunately, I managed to retrieve the phone without any additional incidents and my friend doesn't think I'm a nutjob, she still gives me access to her home to take care of her dogs when she's away.

I'm just thankful these days are rare and I'm not like this 365 days a year!

Ever have a day like that?

Much Love & Laughter,


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Debbie said...

I'm sorry to laugh. It's just that it wasn't my house and it wasn't me. For once, it wasn't me...

I'm glad it all worked out, and you weren't dragged off in the paddy wagon.

It's All Connected said...

Why do things always seem to go wrong when you are looking after someone else's house? Sorry for all your problems but it did make me laugh! ~ Maureen

Sooner Laura said...

I know you gals are laughing WITH me, not AT me.