Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach

Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach
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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pictures That Make Me Smile - Oldies But Goodies

I've titled this picture Oldies But Goodies.  If you've never read my Thursday post, I like to show off my favorite photos and I like to give them names like priceless oil paintings.  I've always wondered who decides what material objects are priceless anyway.

The reason this picture makes me smile is because it reminds me how blessed my Mom has been and continues to be in her life. Not that her life growing up didn't have some sadness.  My grandmother lost two husbands before marrying my grandfather (she was a widow with 5 kids.)  Their life was not easy.  But in spite of some hardships, these siblings have been blessed.

My Mom had six siblings that lived to adulthood.  Four of them are still living.  The picture below is 5 siblings, my dad, and two in-laws.  The occasion, two years ago, was my aunt's 70th birthday - she's the baby of the family.  When these siblings get together it is very loud and there is a lot of talking and laughter.  I know my Grandma would be smiling if she could see them now.

Oldies But Goodies
I hope your famly is also blessed and you have plenty of pictures that make YOU smile.
Much Love & Laughter,


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It's All Connected said...

I think it is a great testament to your grandma that the kids still get together to talk and laugh. Through all her troubles, she managed to form a strong family unit. ~ Maureen

Sooner Laura said...

Thank you, Maureen. Grandma was an amazing woman and she raised some tough kids, but she taught them two important things - Love of God and Love of Family.