Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach

Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach
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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pictures That Make Me Smile - Awkward Family Photos

Just the word AWKWARD seems awkward to me.  It doesn't look right, but I double checked and I am correct on my spelling.

Every Mother dreams of a great photo of her family.  A moment preserved in time where everyone is making a happy but slightly serious face and she looks beautiful, slim AND young.  And every Mother knows how difficult it is to get that shot. 

I believe software exists that allows head swapping so you can just choose the good shot of each family member and compile them all into that one perfect photo.  But I ask you, WHAT FUN IS THAT?

As the years have gone by I have discovered that some of my favorite pictures are not the almost perfect slightly acceptable family photos.  They are the ones that show my family being silly - having a good time.  Being themselves?  Maybe so. 

So here are a couple of never before published famly photos that never cease to bring a smile to my face.  My son is gonna love this.  He's the king of the goofy face photo and freely posts them on the internet.

Merry Christmas
Did I Miss that part where this was the funny face photo?

Sooner Coolness
or not

Much Love & MUCH MUCH Laughter,


P.S. Howdy from Texas to all the people from Russia who read my blog (you're the number one country outside the USA).  One of the coolest things about blogging (to me) is seeing all the people from around the world stopping by my site.
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Debbiedoo's said...

My husband a few weeks ago almost bought that book. I thought to myself...really, we can just take a few ourselves LOL!