Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach

Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach
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Monday, March 26, 2012

Oh, The Places I Would Go!

I love to travel.  I love to see new and exciting places.  IF money were no object and we weren't constrained by jobs and needing to WORK for a living, my husband and I would spend a good deal of our lives visiting new places and meeting new people.  We are always up for another adventure.

I always cry when I watch the movie UP.  If you think this movie is for kids, please watch it, because it makes some very good points.  LIFE is an adventure and if you travel through your life living that adventure with the one you love, you are very blessed.


picture is from the movie UP by Disney/Pixar

A few years ago I traveled to California with my sisters, my brother, my parents and several other members of our family.  My aunt and uncle were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and 13 members of the Oklahoma branch of the Wiginton family crashed the party.  My Uncle Jim and my Dad proudly proclaimed that between the two of them they had been married 104 years. 

While we were there, we drove from my their home in Sacramento to Lake Tahoe.  This is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been and I was so excited to go back.  I love mountains and lakes and this is one place that shouldn't be missed if you love mountains and lakes as much as I do.

I took this picture of two of my nieces right after one of them looked into the clear water and said, "Can you a believe how clear the water is?  And this is SUPPOSED TO BE A LAKE!"  We have lots of beautiful lakes in Oklahoma, but the water is sort of "murky."



We went sailing on the lake (I love sailing) and I absolutely LOVE this picture of me with my siblings even though our hair is sticking up. (except for my bro) I love this picture because we were having so much fun and because we haven't traveled much together as adults so this was a very special adventure. My sister, Pam, might disagree with the SO MUCH FUN part because she and her daughter were sort of sea sick. Can you get sea sick on a lake? 



We also visited San Franciso one day - another city I love!  (don't want to live there but it's an awesome place to visit)  Check out this awesome picture from the beach in SanFrancisco
 I'm not sure where my brother and sister-in-law were when we took this picture with my sisters and two of my cousins.  Maybe taking the picture?  Maybe just letting the girl cousins be in a shot by themselves.


The anniversary party was awesome and I must share this picture because it has ALL the girls in the family born with the name Wiginton (my maiden name) from my Dad's sister down to my brother's youngest baby girl.  Girls are dominant in my Dad's family, he and his brother each have three and my brother has four.

And of course I must share this photo of my Aunt Louise and Uncle Jim because they are the reason we all made the trip to California!  Traveling to visit family was the only kind of vacation my family took when I was growing up and it's still a very good reason for a new adventure.

My top reasons for a new adventure
Visiting Family - always an adventure!

Traveling WITH Family to new fun places 

Traveling WITH Family to places you've already been, but love so much you need to go back

Getting AWAY from family to spend time with your sweetie - definitely an adventure!

One of the most exciting thing to me about blogging is that people view my blog from all around the world!  Please leave me a comment so I can check out your blog or just say hi and thank you for stopping by Life Begins at Forty Something.  

Much Love and Laughter,


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Debbie said...

I've never seen that movie, and I should. I have the same adventure philosophy.

Your pictures and California adventure look fun. My parents said that San Fransisco is one of the neatest places they've ever visit.

Sooner Laura said...

San Francisco is beautiful. Hope you linked over to my post about visiting there when I was 15 and again 30 years later and saw another picture I love of my siblings and nieces on the beach with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. And Francisco is just fun to say Fran - cis - co. (Elf)