Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach

Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach
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Friday, March 2, 2012

Life is Full of Seasons

Life is full of seasons, our carefree childhood days, single, married, married with small children, married with teenagers, empty nesters.  Since I'm now Forty Something, I believe we are going to move into that empty nest season someday in next few ten years.  In today's economy you never really know when your offspring will be able afford to go out on their own.  And even though my 18 year old would like LOVE to go out on her own right now, she wants total independence from "the parents" except for the financial part - she wants us to pay for everything while she lives somewhere else.  Sorry, kiddo, Mom & Dad are NOT doing that - we're mean that way.

So we're in the season of a High School Senior about to graduate who wants to be out of the house.  I love that kid and she's great and I must believe she will make good choices, otherwise I won't sleep at night.

There are also the other seasons, spring being the current one in North Texas.  Trees are blooming and everything is turning green.  The weather is mild and I've had a headache for 11 days.  Ah Spring!  I still love spring and I'm not staying inside just because my allergies are acting up.  I'll just have a headache and enjoy the fresh air (AHCHOO!)

At my house spring
looks like this

And like this

Soon it will be summer and look like this

And then there is fall, which looks best back home in Oklahoma

Winter can be beautiful back home also

Winter can LOOK good at my house too,
especially if I'm just looking at it through the window

I am hoping spring is here to stay for 2012
and we don't see any more of this
 (even thought it's beautiful)

I am glad I live in a location with four seasons even though spring and fall seem to last about 2 weeks each.  One day it's 40 and we're running the heating and the next day it's 80 and you can't sleep without AC.  Unless of course you can open your windows which isn't an option for my pollen intolerant family.

Welcome Spring Time!  

Happy Friday!


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