Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach

Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach
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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Drapes from Tablecloths - A Wednesday Quickie

Wednesdays are a busy day for me so this will be a short post.  In addition, spring is definitely here in north Texas and I've had a serious allergy headache for a few eight days and my brain is running very slowly.

This photo of the chandelier shows the lovely  toile wallpaper
that is now gone from my dining room See the chandelier makeover here

In a future post I'm going to tell you about getting rid of the blue toile wallpaper in my dining room, but today I want to talk about my drapes.  In my previous house I needed something to dress up the window that coordinated with my dining set.  I found these copper color tablecloths at Bed, Bath & Beyond that were the longest tablecloths you can buy.  I used them for side panels around the one large window and for a long swag across the top.  We sold our house to someone who planned to rent, so I brought them along to my new old house.

Have to give credit to SuperDave for installing
the little rods to hang these.  Without the rods, the drapes
would still be lying on my sewing table.
When we moved into the new house, the dining room had blue and white toile wallpaper (see photo at top of post) and I had no time or energy to deal with it, so removal went on my list of someday projects.  My husband and daughter actually liked the wallpaper.  On closer examination I found that the pattern on the paper consisted of musical instruments and gardening tools.  I found this combination so quirky that I decided I could live with it for a while five years. 

I needed to tie the blue wallpaper to the copper color of our table and chairs.  (my husband's idea of comfortable seating at the table involves rocking, rolling, and swiveling). More about buying furniture with a guy later.  So I hit my local fabric store.  I found this blue fabric that has a copper sheen and a coordinating one with embroidered flowers.  I cut the copper panels in two pieces, sewed a strip of the blue floral fabric between two blue solid pieces and sewed the whole blue section it into the middle of the copper fabric that I whacked in half.

The really funny thing is that I get SO MANY compliments on these drapes, but I don't usually tell people that I made them from tablecloths. Let them think I can afford custome draperies!

Happy Leap Day,


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