Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach

Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach
How I'd spend every day if I weren't redecorating, cooking, sewing and blogging!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hump Day

Hump Day – it’s a fitting name for Wednesday. If you work the Monday to Friday schedule when it’s 5:00 o’clock on Wednesday you really do feel like you can probably make it through the rest of the week.

Five years ago we moved to the big city and for the first time ever my husband and I work close enough to each other that we are able to meet for lunch.  We chose Wednesday as our lunch date day.  My sweetie says meeting me for lunch on Wednesday is what gets him through the week. 

I can honestly tell you that on Wednesday morning when I’m groaning about it being VERY EARLY and time to get up and he’s headed out the door and says, “See you at lunch!” that little reminder that the day holds something different and special makes it much easier for me to get out of bed.

So whether it’s a lunch date, dinner out, movie night, game night, video games with your kids or picking up dinner instead of cooking after work, I encourage you to find something special to get you out of bed and through hump day. It will make your whole week better.  I promise!



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