Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach

Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach
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Monday, February 20, 2012

Half way makeover of a outdated guest bathroom

Sometimes you just can't live with an outdated look any more - but your budget won't allow for a total makeover.  Such is the case with our guest bathroom.  In those cases I like to do some inexpensive updates that make it tolerable until I have the money for the more expensive updates.

It started out looking like this when we moved into our new 1980's house. Strangely enough this paper is not original to the house, this wallpaper was someone else's update of this room.  When I peeled it off I found traces of plaid wallpaper that was every bit as bad.

I have one question regarding this paper...REALLY?

Wait, that's wrong, I mean it is SO wrong, but I actually have a second question - why do they even make green and gold wallpaper with Japanese people on it? If you sell it someone will buy it and no one should ever be given this option.  The same goes for hideous faux marble colors like brown and maroon - why do they give people those choices?  And laminate counter tops for kitchens - seafoam green and orange should not be available because someone is going to pick them and....okay, enough.
Since my last post showed by husband hard at work removing the old floor tile in this bathroom, I thought I would share the half makeover of this very small but much visited room.

Here is a list of things we changed

Removed wallpaper, applied troweled texture and new paint
Removed sliding polished brass shower door, replaced with shower curtain
Replaced polished brass light fixture, sink faucet, and towel rods and rings with new bronze faucet and fixtures
Replaced old floor tile with new floor tile
Replaced toilet
Replaced the baseboard

Thinks we didn't replace or improve (yet)

The vanity and linen cabinet are not great, but I can live with them for now, may paint those someday
The faux marble counter top needs to go away and be replaced with granite and a new sink
The old tub and tile have seen better days and with that updates will come a new tub/shower faucet assembly
Here are a few after photos - first the lovely tile flooring

It's a BIG improvement even though we didn't update every thing


This project required more labor than material cost and was well worth the time and effort!

Happy Monday!



It's Jenn! said...

HUGE difference! That wallpaper would have kept me up at night. Love the new, mellow bathroom!

Claire said...

Wow-great transformation-I'm your newest follower from TDC-stop by for a visit!