Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach

Chillin' at CRT on Xpu Ha Beach
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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bunco Babes in the Neighborhood

Several years ago we moved to a new town to be closer to my husband's job. 

Home Sweet Home

He had been driving 50 miles a day for 2 years (one way) to work.  So we moved closer to his job and now my job was 50 miles away, so I quit.  Staying home forever was not an option, although I would love that, so as soon as the moving trucks rolled out, I started looking for a job close to our new home. Since we moved at the end of October, I quickly found that looking for employment in November and December is not a good plan.  Fortunately, a couple months off work gave me time to settle in and January 2nd I started getting calls for interviews.

Moving also meant a new school for my daughter, so even though I wasn't working I still had to get up bright and early and head out to drop her at school.  DAY ONE, I got dressed, a little gloss and mascara, fixed my hair.  DAY TWO, no one is going to see me dropping her off, I put on sweats, brushed my hair and washed my face. (maybe?) 

So on DAY TWO, I'm standing in the driveway waiting for my daughter to come out.  A sporty black Mercedes backs out of the driveway of the house across the alley and one house down from me.  And it keeps backing, all the way down to my driveway. It stops and my new neighbor, Marla, jumps out.  Bouncy, perfectly groomed and fit, she bounces over to me (literally) and introduces herself.  Can I have a paper bag please?  I need to cover my face and hair and also I may hyperventilate. 

My cheerful new neighbor invited me to Bunco at her home in a couple of days, she said the neighborhood gals meet once a month for food, drinks and fun. 

Sounds good to me!  What exactly is Bunco?

So of course, I googled Bunco and it sounded easy enough. On Bunco night I got dressed decently, complete with hair and makeup done, took my $3 and my gift for the gift exchange and headed out to Marla's house.  When she answered the door she looked at me with a question on her face and I said, "Hi, I'm Laura, your new neighbor."  Her eyes widened and recognition dawned, a smile lit up her face, "Of course you are!" she said enthusiastically.  So I guess my efforts must have totally changed my appearance!

That was how my first Bunco night began. We started with appetizers, drinks and lots of introductions, moving on to dinner, playing Bunco and then a gift exchange. (think Dirty Santa, Yankee Swap, Chinese Gift Exchange) And these gals were ruthless in stealing gifts - and hilarious!

This was the beginning of my friendship with a great group of ladies.  I know more neighbors in this neighborhood than anywhere I have lived in my entire adult life.  All because of our Bunco group.  I look forward to visiting and catching up on what is going on the streets around me. It's nice knowing your neighbors are watching out for you and your home and are there to help out when you need a hand. Some of these Bunco gals have become my dearest friends.

Sometimes we play Bunco, sometimes we just eat and drink and talk for 2 hours, but we always have an interesting evening and perhaps most important of all.....

Probably, but don't count on that

Oh and just a note, Marla is a really sweet lady and a great neighbor.

This is how we roll,

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